Jessica – Embracing

It was the end of May and I was in a need of few weeks’ accommodation. I was in the midst of some life transitions and needed a lot of help and support. I was so lucky to have loving friends all around me. Jessica was one of them. It was so crazy. It’s not like we were best friends for past months. But as soon as she heard that I needed help, she offered her space, “stay with me however long you need” she said.

Jessica is a lover of people and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed. I think of her as somebody who is embracing…because she embraces people, ideas and challenges. I got to know her mostly through working on film projects and she has always struck me with her commitment and taking initiative. She wears so many hats and she never stops growing. She is willing to do it all. From storyboarding, through networking, to running errands (so important). She embraces whatever comes in front of her. I remember when I lived with her she adopted two kittens who needed a home. She did not hesitate for a seconds. The kittens needed a home. She gave them one. Our team needed binders. She got us some. I needed an embrace. She embraced me.

I am thankful for Jessica because she reminds me of saying yes to things that come up in life. I don’t have to make things more complicated than they are. I need to see them for what they are and embrace them. I need to see people for who they are and embrace them. And finally, I need to see myself for who I am, and embrace it.

Thank you Jessica,



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