Kelly – Pursuer

I met Kelly in the summer of 2014. I was on a road trip to Seattle with my then-boyfriend (now soon-to-be-husband), who introduced me to Kelly and her sister Katy. We became friends immediately.

What amazed me the most about Kelly was the desire for authenticity, to know the Truth, and to discover what life is really about. She was always very open about her thoughts and questions, and what she wanted to live for. Plus, she had such a warm and joyous heart and made the whole trip very special: think spontaneously (as in making up our minds an hour before the start) joining a midnight 4th of July 5K race on the streets of Seattle.

Even though Kelly lived hundreds of miles away from me, we kept in touch. Now…

Kelly is in South Korea.

This is crazy. This Woman is AMAZING. She is so dedicated and determined. I remember her talking about it, but now I know how serious she was. She is spending a whole year there and will be teaching English at a school. I feel very blessed to know her, because she reminds me of how important it is to follow your heart no matter what. Don’t be scared or intimidated. Don’t hesitate. Even though her trip may seem like a fun adventure, it also comes with some difficult decisions, transitions, and life and relationship adjustments. So Kelly, thank you. Thank you for always sticking to what you believe and pursuing your desires.

– Ola


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