Sheri – Visionary

I met Sheri through my church community. It’s been a couple of years that we’ve known each other, but it wasn’t until March 2015 that we got much closer, when I moved into her house – and shared her room – for a month.

Living in the same space with somebody reveals a whole lot of things you would not have known otherwise. Sheri is an artist in the truest form. Not a single day can pass by without her being somehow involved in creating. I remember when I moved in and saw a drawing and a Bible verse on her bathroom mirror – how cool is that?! We talked about it, and then one day I drew bunch of seeds, and later she added her parts to the drawing, making it a complete whole. It meant so much to me. This kind of random connection (on a bathroom mirror) when we were both busy, and didn’t always have time to see each other in the morning or evening, was very special.

I’ve learned much more about Sheri, but I think the biggest thing is that she is a VISIONERY.

Sometimes I want to be in Sheri’s head. I want to experience all the ideas and images that she sees, because Sheri dreams. She makes this world a warmer and more colorful place (just look at her colorful clothes!). She reminds me of how important it is to see beyond the worldly, the material, the practical, and the efficient things. She reminds me that art is a beautiful medium of life expression that we all can practice. Whether it’s a drawing on a mirror that only you can see, or a prayer on a driveway that your neighbors might notice (she actually did a chalk drawing as a prayer for rain), or an art installation available to the whole community (she created an amazing Easter installation at Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City), Sheri reminds me that all art – big or small – begins with a vision.

– Ola


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