Adriele – Accepted

Last night was amazing. I got to experience friendship and connection and openness and vulnerability. Last night I met a completely new side of Adriele.

I have known Adriele for the past year or two, but besides a few conversations here and there, we weren’t really close. But this was never a barrier for us to be able to share significant stories when we actually did get together.

So: last night. Pumpkin pancakes. Eggs. Candle. Adriele and Ola…

And Adriele reminding me that we are accepted. We spent a whole lot of time talking about what it means and what it doesn’t mean. So often we want to be loved and accepted, and we’re willing to go down many different paths to achieve that. Whether it’s through a college degree or a job or a diet or a self-discipline activity, we utilize strategies of self-improvement, and turn to our own efforts, in the hopes of feeling accepted. But in Reality – and I love Reality – we have already been accepted. We don’t have to try. Our value has already been determined, and who we are is much more than what we do. Anytime I meet with Adriele, I see this gigantic smile, and her laughter, and right away I feel encouraged. Yesterday I saw her heart – a heart that knows what it means to be accepted.

Thank you Adriele; your words are always sweet and precious. I will always remember your laughter and our conversation!

– Ola


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