Danae – Persistent

When I think about Miss Danae (I absolutely love to call her that) I think about persistence. I met her a couple of years ago and it’s been so great to have her as a friend. In many ways she reminds me of myself, yet at the same time we both know we are quite different.

Danae grew up in South Africa and moved to USA couple of years ago and started working and going to school. This is not easy to do. Starting a completely new chapter, alone, no family, few connections, new places, and new rules. Anybody who has immigrated here on his or her own can probably relate.

But Danae, since the day I met her, has been persistent. This defiantly regards her school. She wants to work at the hospital and to achieve that she has enrolled in a pretty intense program that is demanding, time-consuming and simply tough. Yet, this does not discourage her and she knows how to say no to one thing in order to focus and do her homework and prepare for tests. I admire that! It’s so easy to quit sometimes but Danae is the opposite of quitting.

Another area that I think she is persistent in is relationships. As I mentioned before, it can get tough when you move to another country but Danae has been so persistent and so intentional about her friends and her new family here. I love it so much! I love when I would get texts from her and she would say she cannot meet because she is having dinner with her boyfriend’s family or going for a 5K walk with her hopefully soon mother-in-law. At the same time she would be the one always up for picnics in the park and random watching movies in the middle of the day. Those are those little moments that matter and show me her persistence in valuing people and relationships.

Thank you Danae for being brave and for knowing what you want. You always follow your path that you have chosen and dedicated yourself to.

– Ola


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