Doreen – Resilient


Doreen and I met at a young adults gathering, and I was quickly impressed by her self reflective nature and wisdom. I really got to know her more through collaborating on a performance piece.

Doreen is a talented actress, and together we choreographed and acted Psalm 27 as a prayer for women who have been through trafficking. During this process, I got to hear more of Doreen’s story.

Doreen has been through some hard situations, and, like many women, her heart has been broken. But, this has not stopped her from seeking what is good.

What has inspired me most about Doreen is that she is resilient. When I have been tempted to be cynical or believe that my wounds can’t be healed, I remember Doreen. The way she has healed and grown gives me strength to persevere when I think about my past and my future.

This was illustrated beautifully at Doreen’s wedding. Doreen wore a white dress–but with red shoes! During the ceremony, Doreen and her husband Drew washed each other’s feet. When Drew took Doreen’s red shoes off, I thought of the pain she had been through in the past. Yes, it is a part of her story – but it is washed and made beautiful as she walks forward with God.

Thank you Doreen for modeling resilience, and giving me courage to hope and heal.


– Sheri


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