Sara – Determined

I met Sara when I was attending De Anza College a couple of years ago. We met in a filmmaking class and worked on projects together. It was one of those late night classes that starts after 6PM and ends around 10PM so after all day of work you end up with all these students running on last bits of energy trying to concentrate. Sara and I would sit next to each other were easily able to connect.

When I first met Sara I was so impressed by her motivation and hard working spirit. You could see so much determination in her eyes. She never stops working and she never stops dreaming big – I love that! She pursues her goals and is one of the most dedicated people I know. Being an international student is not an easy task and I am so impressed that throughout college she has always been able to work and study and maintain such amazing grades!

I think that is why I am thankful for Sara and for who she is. She shows me that if you want something you have to work hard, you cannot make excuses or quit. But what is even more beautiful about Sara is that she still remains just a very loving and welcoming person (despite her busy schedule). I remember how she took me in for a night to sleep over when I needed a place to crash after our night class. I got to meet her roommate and felt so loved and cared for.

So thank you Sara for who you are. Thank you for working hard and at the same time for loving people and making time to share life with them.

– Ola



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