Stephanie – Caring

It’s hard to even explain my impression of Stephanie. From the day I saw her sitting next to me in our Ethics class at San Francisco State University to this day I am more and more and more in awe of how caring Stephanie is.

She has this special kind of a smile that will brighten your day no matter what and when you give her some space she will ask you the most nourishing and caring questions ever. I remember when I told some people in m class that I was expecting a baby and I just remember how genuinely excited Stephanie was for me. She was so happy! Throughout the semester I got to see more of that genuine excitement and care whenever we would interact. She would always ask me how I was doing and how the baby is.

What I love the most is that I know Stephanie is caring not just about me but about her whole family. It’s not that common that people would reference their family while being at school but I absolutely loved when she would take our her phone and share some pictures of her family, she loved them so much.

Thank you Stephanie for showing me how much we can care for others regardless of how little we may know them. Thank you for caring for me and showing me such loving spirit!

– Ola


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