Anna – Gentle

Our mutual friend Kecia introduced Anna to me. We met a couple of months ago when Anna arrived in Redwood City (right when she arrived, meaning she drove to California for hours and met Kecia and I on the square and went out for dinner with us with all her suitcases still in the car) and were able to hang out together and do little and big things together.

I already miss Anna. You see, Anna moved to the Bay Area for some time but now she is back home in Tuscon, AZ. I miss Anna because she was a walking laughter. Anytime I saw her she was smiling, laughing and rocking the crowd.

I admire Anna because of her gentleness. Though this was not entirely my first impression of her, as I got to know her I realized that there was a part of her ā€“ and of many other women including me ā€“ that is gentle and meant to be nourished. I feel like sometimes we want to be tough and brave and show people how strong we are. But in reality, we have emotions and feelings and they are so beautiful. They make life a bit more exciting and sometimes a bit more crazy, in a good way. I saw a whole lot of different feelings and emotions when spending time with Miss Anna and I was reminded that we are allowed to be gentle. We are allowed to be embraced and listened to. It is the gentleness, not the toughness, that gives me hope that we have not yet turned into robots and there are people walking without masks, knowing who they are. Like Anna!

– Ola


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