Jill – Compassionate

The first time I met Jill I heard her speak at a script reading for a film on human trafficking. We were introduced by the director and instantly had a natural connection. I noticed her willingness to talk openly about her life and her desire to share a deeper story with the world. So, we began our collaboration on her story.

The first time I heard Jill laugh the whole world joined her; whole-heartedly and never at the expense of others. Through the images we’ve captured together, something special arises to the surface… her depth and her laughter. Her depth reveals a person willing to protect those without a voice and her laughter is healing. The first time I heard Jill sing, I cried not because it was sad but because it was the truth.

I’m grateful that Jill is in this world and I’m in awe of her beautiful spirit and the gentle power she possesses!

– Erin


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