Anna Ruth – Unpretentious

Anna Ruth is my neighbor. I love this woman! We met few months ago although it seems like we have known each other forever. She surprised me once and said hello to me and my daughter as we were passing by on the street. That’s what I’m talking about! Neighbors talking to each other. Just because of that gesture I already knew she is amazing.

And as we exchanged numbers we decided to meet more often but not in the typical set up of a coffee shop and lattes (although I like both of those things).  Anna Ruth started coming over and we would have tea in the morning. Since the beginning she impressed me with her sincerity and a warm heart for other people. She was always kind, patient and a great listener. I almost felt like she was a family member. As I was putting my baby on the potty she would come hang out with me in the bathroom and we would chat.

What I appreciate about Anna Ruth is that she is one of those few people I know that remind me of simplicity, honesty, and nature. I describe her as unpretentious because she never pretends to be someone else. She is confident, laid-back and cares about the real things that make life beautiful – people, plants, good English breakfast tea.

Thank you, Anna Ruth, for being unpretentious and sharing your kind spirit with others.

– Ola


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